Miracle Christian Center Australia.

 Where Miracles are a Reality & Jesus is Lord!


Miracle Christian Center successfully sued Mr Daniel Caleb Hagen

in the Dandenong Magistrates Court in July 2014,

for monies he owed to the Ministry.

Miracle Christian Center Australia is an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry that seeks to plant Churches and Ministries all over the World with one goal in mind.
Global Evangelism!
We desire to bring the Good News of Jesus Christís saving, healing, delivering and restoring power to every man, woman and child, both in Word and in supernatural demonstration of Godís power.
We have a strong emphasis on evangelism, healing & deliverence, the Holy Spirit, teaching, preaching sound doctrine, morality & holiness and making disciples of the Word. At an MCC Australia Church you will find fearless uncompromised sound Bible preaching, teaching and actions, Spirit filled praise and worship and practice of the 9 gifts of the Holy Ghost.
Each Church is a team of Christ loving, Bible based believers, who unify together to grow mature in Christ, fulfil the call of God placed upon each ones life, and see their local area evangelized continually until the coming of the Lord Jesus.
MCC Australia upholds the Bible as its sole authority for all that it says and does, and strives to follow the Biblical pattern of Christ and first century disciples. 

 We would like to invite you to fellowship with us in an area near you, please click on the What We Do link to see if we are in an area nearby, or alternatively help us by partnering together with us as we see the Kingdom of Jesus Christ rule and reign upon the earth. 
God Bless You in Jesus Mighty Name!
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